Logistical Support Services

Are you looking for somewhere to conduct an offsite exercise? Do you want your people to participate in the training and not have to work on the support side? Do you need someone to test your gear in the environments and conditions that matter? Are you deploying soon and want to conduct all of your pre-deployment training in one location? Conduct a block of training in another location or country? In addition to coordinating and providing training, The Peak’s Logistic Support Team will handle all those necessary things that eat up your valuable time but can’t be ignored. Let us handle it so your people can train.

The Peak headquarters, a 6000’ aircraft hangar located on the Bert Mooney Airport in Butte Montana, has a rappelling deck, rock and ice climbing wall, office space, and a 32-person classroom. It is available for use as a tactical operations center, exercise headquarters, or training facility. We have a drop zone right across the runway and can park a C-17 right in front of our hangar.

Training Coordination/Logistical Support

We can provide full spectrum logistical support for large-scale exercises to include lodging, transportation, meals, and technical training support. We have numerous high altitude training areas with elevations as high as 11,000 ft. and three DoD approved high-altitude drop zones. In addition, we maintain an excellent ongoing relationship and longstanding MOU with MTARNG Training Site Fort William H. Harrison, Helena MT with access to 30,000 acres of training areas and ranges.

High Altitude Drop Zones (Parachute Operations)

The Peak currently has three ZARs surveyed and registered Drop Zones (ZARs Index Numbers 703, 704, and 706) available for parachute operations.

Our East Peak DZ, currently the second highest registered DZ in North America, is located at 9,875 feet (ZAR Index 703). The Highland Circular DZ is located at 8,000 feet (ZAR Index 704) and The Peak DZ is located at Bert-Mooney Regional Airport at an elevation of 5,540 feet (ZAR Index 706).


Confined Space Training Areas

Butte Montana is known as the “Richest Hill on Earth” and has about 10,000 miles of mine shafts and tunnels located directly under the city. Most of those are no longer used and filled with water now but there are still a few that are above the water level. The Peak has secured agreements with the owners of these mines to use the mines open shafts and tunnels for confined space and collapsed structure training. We also have access to an underground mine in the Highlands Range 30-minutes South of Butte. These training areas provide real-world environments that will challenge even the most experienced rescue technician.

Subterranean Training Area (NEW)

Our subterranean training areas provide complex underground environments which pose entirely new challenges for navigation, searches, and communications. We have two mine sites in and near Butte that offer tactical movement, confined space/collapsed structure training while addressing limited communications. We also have access to the Soudan Mine north of Duluth, MN with over 50 miles of tunnels and shafts, 27 levels, and three-story facilities within the mine.