Wilderness Safety

Our instructor cadre, all recognized experts in their fields, provide you with the knowledge to safely enjoy the backcountry. Whether it is a mountain peak, a raging river, or a recently ravaged disaster zone, our fully customized training programs will prepare you for the worst.

We will provide a team that will deliver training to your group at the location of your choice. Listed below are some of our more popular courses. If you don’t see what you need or want, just ask. We will go out of our way to help you meet your goals.

Backcountry Travel

Proper preparation increases your chances of survival. We teach the 4 essential elements needed for the best chance of a positive outcome: ability (the skills you need know), knowledge (putting the skills into practice), the will to survive (this one is much more important than you might think), and, of course, a little bit of luck. These courses are packed with information about what gear to pack, what foods to eat, how much to drink for hydration, what to wear, how to plan your route, how to navigate, signal and develop an emergency plan of action.


First Aid/Wilderness Medicine

Whether you need a basic first aid/CPR course or a more in-depth wilderness medicine course, we’ve got you covered. On the job, at home or in the backcountry, from blisters to broken bones, frostbite to heat exhaustion and everything in between, we will equip you to handle it all.


Climbing & Rope Rescue

If you spend any time outdoors on the rock, chances are good that you’ll need to help with a rescue, whether you or someone in your group is injured or just stuck. These courses teach climbing communication and an introduction to knots, anchors, and systems that every climber needs to know.