Cassie Ubaldo

Cassie Ubaldo is the creator of Upper Canyon Outfitter’s Equine Facilitated Leadership Training course. She has 10 years’ experience in group facilitation and she is an accomplished horse woman. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Masters of Education with an emphasis in counseling. Cassie is trained in a number of certification programs, including Path International and The Herd Institute. Both of these programs are educational programs that are working to bring empirical support to the world of Equine Facilitated Learning programs.

After graduate school, Cassie worked as a Program Manager for at-risk students at Bozeman High School. While directing this program, she facilitated groups and counseled individuals to assist them in staying in school and striving for success. In 2016, Cassie and her family moved back to her family’s guest ranch, Upper Canyon Outfitters, to help her parents manage the business. Upon her return to the family ranch, Cassie became the lead trainer and curriculum developer for the Military Pack Animal and Horsemanship course offered at Upper Canyon Outfitters. From this work, she also developed a Veteran Wellness program called Got Your 6. This is a program that is offered to Veterans at no charge.

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