Helo Lanyard – Operator Retention System

Helo Lanyard – Operator Retention System

Helo Lanyard – Operator Retention System

As self-professed “gear geeks,” we love discovering cool, new kit.  We also love introducing things to you that we think could save lives or at least make things easier.  The Helo-Lanyard™ Operator Retention System is gear that excites us and we happily offer our customers.

We recently met with Randy from Performance Manufacturing and Amarok Technical Gear. It was so impressive to hear how they designed, developed, and refined this piece of gear into something that once you see it; you know you need one.  How many of you fabricated a lanyard out of tubular webbing and a couple carabiners? Now you can have something that will work and is considerably safer.

The Helo-Lanyard™ Operator Retention System is secured directly to the Operator via a sit-harness or the attachment point of any rated rigger’s belt soft loop or hard ring. The Lanyard can then be connected to helo platform floor-rings, removeable floor-anchor rings or rated soft-rigging using your preference of double or triple-action snap hook.

It is purpose-built as a tactical position and retention lanyard for military and SWAT operators to secure themselves to helicopter platforms where seatbelts are not an option. The system design accounts for the safety of the Operator by limiting forces to the body while reducing forces to the helo platform’s anchor points during emergency scenarios.


  • Purpose built and engineered
  • One-handed adjustment at the body
  • Designed for use with light to heavy-gloved hands
  • Standard length allows 18-20 inches of adjustment
  • Custom lengths available
  • Rated system strength of 18kN/4,000 lbf
  • Calibrated force-limiting
  • 8mm high tech camo rope using Technora sheath

Please contact us at train@thepeakinc.com or (406) 494-7999 to get yours or if you would like more information.