The Peak Inc. was developed to enhance training and address Special Operating Forces (SOF) training shortfalls. Groups can parachute into the Peak’s drop zone in the morning, unload their gear in our hangar, and set up their base camp at 9000′ in the afternoon.

We have rivers, snowmobile, ATV, climbing, high-angle shooting, and pack horse training areas within an hour’s drive from The Peak’s Hangar. We will also provide training and logistic support services at the location of your choice.

We actively recruit and are continually expanding our cadre of instructors. Our instructor team is made up of Medical Doctors, Physiologists, Tier-One Special Operators, Rescue Specialists, and expert Mountaineers.

We tailor training to meet the needs of our clients. The Peak will provide a full mission profile to ensure training objectives have been met. Complete customer satisfaction is not only our goal but has been the foundation of our success.

Tactical & Environmental Medicine

With all military operations, the environment needs to be factored in to enhance the effectiveness of the individual as well as the team. The focus is on the prevention and treatment of high altitude, cold/hot climate illness, and injuries in a tactical environment.


Backcountry Travel

Travel techniques into remote areas with difficult access can be dangerous.  The Peak Inc Backcountry travel courses are designed to give you the knowledge and skills to safely negotiate difficult terrain and environments.


Climbing & Rope Rescue

Tactical assault of high angle obstructions in a rural or urban environment.  The successful ascent and descent of a high angle obstruction, plus the ability to rescue yourself or teammate with minimal equipment in a safe and tactical manner.



The Peak’s Designated Marksman qualification course concentrates on the skills necessary for accurate and consistent long range shooting in a variety of environmental conditions at multiple distances.


Mission Planning

The Peak’s Mission Planning Course is designed to assist units in effectively using the Military Decision Making Process. The course is designed to support your unit at their planning level and communicate their orders two levels up.

Services Offered

  • Pre-mission planning
  • Crisis action planning
  • Planning cell organization
  • Effective briefing techniques
  • Situational training exercises

Misc Services

Are you looking for an area to conduct an off-site exercise?  Do you want your team to participate in the training and not have to work on the support side?  In addition to coordinating and providing training, The Peak has a logistical support team to handle all those necessary things that eat up your valuable time but can’t be ignored.

Services Offered

  • Training Coordination/Logistical Support
  • ZARs registered Drop Zones (ZARs Index Numbers 703-706) available for your Military Freefall, Static Line operations, or upgrade training events
  • Confined Space Training Areas
  • High/Low Angle Shooting Range (out to 2000 m)